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Before & After Master Collection. 50 issues in PDF on DVD. Complete and unbridged.

Before & After Master Collection

Every issue we’ve ever published, complete and unabridged, in convenient, searchable PDF. $179

Spanning 50 incredible issues
The Before & After Master Collection has over 1,000 pages and 10,000 graphics that deconstruct and explain the art behind the art of design. Inside, youíll uncover the secrets of page layout, typography, color, image, and even design theory, all while designing beautiful ads, brochures, logos, posters, presentations, web pages, and, of course, much more!

Befores & Afters
Before & After brims with remarkable makeovers that reveal design mistakes and illustrate how they were corrected. You'll learn a lot from seeing what not to do!

Pick the right typeface
Type is your voice. With it, you can shout, whisper, dance, cry, enchant, lecture, dream! Before & After helps you find just the right face and set it to express your message eloquently, every time.

Use the perfect colors
Learn the easy way to pick colors for any design, how to build beautiful color palettes, how to make incompatible colors work together, and much more. Color is life! We help you make yours beautiful!

“I love trying to understand design better. And your concrete examples help illustrate why some things work and some things donít.” — CRAIG ZUPPAN | More letters from you

Design layouts that persuade
The best layouts are strong and fluid. Before & After shows you how to lay things out for power and presence, set focal points, establish hierarchy, and coolest of all, how to get off the grid and design pages by eye, with amazing results.

Resources pages
We don't just show you, we take you there! Every article links to its images and typefaces, provides color specs, and, where page setup is involved, publishes full, measured templates.

Everything is transferrable
Before & After rewards your imagination! For example, the techniques of business-card design can be applied to web pages, presentations, and cookbooks, too! That's because the principles of color, type, image and layout are timeless; what works here almost always works there. And there and there and there.

Hundreds of design sprites
Sprites are little techniques that you can just use wherever. Like how to design with one line, craft a book cover out of do-it-yourself patterns, make one picture look like three, and design in simple styles that will delight and move your audience.

Before & After Master Collection. 50 issues in PDF on DVD. Complete and unbridged.

Owning is believing

Before & After has delighted and empowered over 100,000 designers.
Order your Master Collection today, and put Before & After to work for you!
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