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Before & After Master Collection. 50 issues in PDF on DVD. Complete and unbridged.

Before & After Master Collection

Every issue we’ve ever published, complete and unabridged, in convenient, searchable PDF. $179

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PDF Issue 50

  • Brochure makeover: A small facial spa presents its story beautifully and inexpensively
  • Simplify a card in three steps
  • Let your photo do the talking
  • Chart your data with images
  • How to design big signs
  • Design a photo magazine cover
  • Images in a strip, organize, focus and express — with unexpected versatility
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 49

  • Stretch your art budget colorfully!
  • One card for two people
  • Turn a congested spreadsheet into an appealing cover
  • Design a zig-zag brochure
  • Design a card the easy way
  • Design a flier that sells
  • Design from a creative brief
  • Draw great visual instructions
  • Design a chalkboard Web banner
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 48

  • How to use that typeface
  • Gestalt Theory: Equilibrium
  • Unhinged cover makes a classy program
  • Eight simple ways to create a focal point
  • Designing without bleeds
  • Wired magazine’s table of contents is a toy box of visual techniques
  • Design like a lazy person
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 47

  • Nine callout ideas
  • Picture your presentation
  • Lessons from a beautiful site
  • Design a showroom-style presentation
  • Design a pocket-size brochure
  • Design without rulers: How to design the way you see
  • Picture your group
  • Massive typeface makes a powerful cover
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 46

  • Design a catalog of rectangles
  • How to set a text-only logotype
  • Graphs: Use pictures to represent numbers
  • Focus your presentation
  • Big, bold, beautiful: How to design short, engaging stories
  • Vivid contrasts make small things shout
  • Five postcard ideas
  • Create scrapbook-style photos
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 45

  • A portfolio site shows that pure design is beautiful design
  • Design a panoramic booklet
  • Design a story-style brochure
  • Multiple captions in high style
  • How to design a small poster
  • Small site, great format
  • The power of empty space
  • Our color wheel: How to understand which color goes with what
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 44

  • Design beautiful Web headers
  • Turn a one-color card into a visual statement
  • Turn your signature into a logo
  • Design a wrap-around brochure
  • How to design great-looking ads in tiny spaces
  • Use the same image twice, to fill your space beautifully
  • Dual-purpose letterhead
  • Two ways to set a list
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 43

  • Web page photo backgrounds
  • Simple technique creates a look that’s open and inviting
  • Turn a gray brochure before into a vibrant after
  • No budget? In a hurry? Think in extremes!
  • How to crop photos for function and meaning
  • Design simple presentations
  • Design a multi-purpose flier
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 42

  • Design stationery and Web site to work together
  • Design a small newsletter that reads big
  • Christmas card design!
  • Design a step-up brochure
  • Snap-together modules makes an easy format
  • Design “photo” graphs
  • How to energize a layout!
  • How to design “modern”
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 41

  • Expressive one-line designs
  • Design a stationery that’s almost a brochure
  • The power of a focal point
  • Design a CD-size card deck
  • Similarities create beautiful designs
  • Design a flyer that comes back
  • Design a layout that expresses the real event
  • How to set a list of events
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 40

  • Design a distinctive menu
  • What typeface goes with that?
  • And audio retailer designs a card that floats on air
  • Design a $10 clock
  • How to design small calendars
  • How to design pages for desktop printers that can’t print to the edge
  • Three documents, one look
  • How to design a second page
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 39

  • Design easy cover patterns
  • Artistically erase part of an image, shaping it to fit the space
  • Brand guidelines: Consistency is key to a successful look
  • How to get several images out of one original
  • Offset folds turns a plaint sheet into an engaging brochure
  • Fit a photo into a skinny space
  • Design a label-style title
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 38

  • Logo makeover based on real life
  • Design a beautiful mini-book
  • Vinyl 45 rpm record CD
  • 3D Extrude & Bevel
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 37

  • Make beautiful surface reflections
  • Fun, space-saving rollovers
  • Business card makeover
  • Create custom envelopes!
  • Turn your captions into storytellers
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 36

  • How to put together colors that don’t go together
  • Make your image look worn out!
  • Design a one-line calendar
  • Are you making this design mistake?
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 35

  • Make translucent type in one click!
  • Railroad-themed menu gets massive typographic blocks
  • Black and white design vibrates with one color
  • How to design on preprinted paper
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 34

  • Easily create artistic texture
  • See how to design for simplicity, 5 CD covers illustrate
  • Design a tall newsetter
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 33

  • Strengthen a small ad
  • Cool a hot skyline
  • A small and effective newsletter
  • Logo power
  • A tale of two republics
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 32

  • Where do you put the words? The image tells you!
  • Create a logo from a square and circles
  • Make your business card layout versatile and repeatable
  • Frutiger is fresh, light, and usable everywhere!
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 31

  • Find that perfect color! It’s right in front of your eyes
  • Design a card in panorama. What to look for. What to emphasize!
  • Figure-ground is compelling; we make it stronger!
  • Garamond, a classic type, looked at in a never-before-seen way
  • Try our simple and beautiful design clips!
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 30

How to envision a distinctive look: Is your company like every other? Of course not! But what is it, exactly, and what might that look like? This issue takes you through the process of finding out. Extensive and fascinating.

PDF Issue 29

  • Design your own ligature! Companies of every kind sign their names with letter that link!
  • Design a playful, multi-image logo
  • How to design a Web banner: Make this skinny advertisement a window on your world
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 28

  • Design miniature postcards
  • The empty page has a lot to say: Don’t fly past that setup dialog! It’s where your design begins!
  • Snap together a great catalog: Square plug-in modules make handsome organized pages in a hurry
  • How to make art and type work together!
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 27

  • Newsletter: Design an eye-stopping cover
  • The elegant art of the duotone
  • Discover the logo in your name
  • Classy, translucent invitations from your laser
  • Make your own disk jacket
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 26

  • How to design a Yellow Pages ad
  • Fun-to-read newsletter is made of boxes!
  • How to make see-through words
  • Paper airplanes from your printer. For clients. Really
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 25

  • How to cast a shadow
  • Many repetitive images? Design this exciting catalog
  • Create useful textured backgrounds quickly
  • How to design a “cold call” postcard
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 24

  • Exuberant name and tinted columns energize a faceless newsletter
  • Ten ways to tame a superlong name
  • Fadeaway photos make compelling callouts: To draw the reader’ eye — and attention — combine words and pictures skillfully
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 23

  • Newsletter: Decorative design in the literary style — with an unusual fold
  • How to set up great visual instructions!
  • Unify your documents and simplify your job
  • Why are highway signs so readable?
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 22

  • The so-simple rules for effective forms
  • Design wall certificates that they’ll treasure!
  • A newsletter designed for faxability
  • Supercoupons perform in small spaces
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 21

  • How — and why — to design abstract logos
  • How to draw a staple (the secret: it’s the pucker in the paper)
  • What typefaces are best for text? Our favorite dozen
  • How to draw interlaced triangles
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 20

  • How to draw a lightbulb
  • A no-frills newsletter perfect for laser printing
  • Design a powerful product ad
  • Cool gift! Ingenious clock faces
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 19

  • How to design a circular monogram. Very fun logos
  • Swoopy contours! How to draw frames
  • Bulletin newsletter says read me!
  • Is your topic artless? These cover-design techniques will help
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 18

  • Beautiful, square brochure makes a regal impression
  • Clip art on a flier: Words inform — while art implies the feeling
  • Digest-size newsletter: A cross between paperbck and magazine, this low-key, text-rich format is ideally suited for long, thoughtful articles — and it’s easy to lay out!
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 17

  • How to draw flowers
  • How to design a brochure that's full of photos
  • How to draw gleaming chrome
  • How to see detail in the type you set
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 16

  • Decongest your newsletter. Ample white space and clear, visual contrasts make sure your stories connect with the reader!
  • How to say what the camera can’t. Every photo has a story inside, but it needs your help to get out.
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 15

  • No color? How to get the most from black & white. Black is dramatic, glamorous, powerful and popular! Key techniques of value and scale will energize every page you make!
  • Handsome, full-featured business portfolio is built to impress! How to make your own — economically!
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 14

  • Make an easy-to-read data sheet
  • How to draw in perspective — without 3D software
  • How to design a lettermark
  • Shade for roundness and contour
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 13

  • A newsletter of real news? Try this design
  • How to design excellent logos with type only
  • See-thru! How to draw glass
  • Gestalt theory: the surprising principle of closure
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 12

  • Double your clip library for free — the art of the silhouette
  • How to design the classic glamour look
  • Flier: How to create a focal point
  • A picture chart that's nearly perfect
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 11

  • Snap to shapes that will speed your drawing!
  • What typefaces work together — and why
  • How to lay out a good advertisement
  • How grouping shows off your products better
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 10

  • How to ‘weave’ type: Interlocking letters add a decorative flourish
  • Make an instant invitation!
  • Not enough or too much copy? No pictures? Here are fresh ideas for common design problems
  • How to design a business report
  • How to make the most of contrast
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 09

  • How to typeset an interview
  • Design a flier for a public speaker
  • Draw an amazingly realistic curled paper corner
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 08

  • What makes a good logo? These five things
  • Are you an editor? How to design what you write
  • Fun-to-draw spotlight beams
  • How to lay out attractive stationery simply
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 07

  • Design a flier that sells a product
  • How to draw brushed metal
  • Circles, squiggles and dots make a vivid brochure easily
  • How to cast a translucent shadow
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 06

  • Newsletter clinic! How to improve every page you make
  • Drawing a logo? Don't miss these ten viewpoints
  • Eye-catching ads that are made of numbers
  • Advice on maps, pie charts, ads, traps, type and more!
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 05

  • Draw gleaming surface reflections
  • Maps: Bring shoppers to your door — wordlessly
  • Dazzle in two colors without using black!
  • Initial letters for every use
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 04

  • Neon! Draw those zany, glowing tubes!
  • Newsletter: Unclutter that newspaper format
  • This hardworking brochure has updatable pockets
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 03

  • A great ad is worth the effort. Here’s what to strive for
  • Draw a terrific 3-D box!
  • Type: Turn a blah word into a bravo! name
  • Newsletter: Round shapes create a visual theme
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 02

  • Asymmetrical newsletter is dramatically simple
  • How to set a perfect paragraph of type
  • How to design a chart clearly
  • Design a brochure with peekaboo panels
  • Much more!

PDF Issue 01

  • Crop photos fearlessly to pull your readers in
  • Eight ad layouts
  • Compare typefaces
  • See contrast!
  • Newsletter: Convenient half-size layout performs big
  • Much more!

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Before & After Master Collection. 50 issues in PDF on DVD. Complete and unbridged.

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