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How to design a Yellow Pages ad
Fun-to-read newsletter is made of boxes!
How to make see-through words.
Paper airplanes from your printer. For clients. Really.

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Dear Before & After
Black & white . . . so many times I need to do a small newsletter or menu on a laser printer. Could you give some tips on how to make pages look good in one color? — Jeremy

Dear Jeremy,
Since adding the PDF format, the references to black & white artwork have been reduced. Before & After’s John McWade started desktop publishing the year the first laser printers became available. For five years, black & white was all we saw for our page designs. Several back-issue articles jump to mind as potential additions to your resource library. Issue 35’s DesignTalk has a two-page spread dedicated to black & white design that can be photocopied. Issue 33 has an article focusing on creation of black & white advertising. It has layout ideas where the use of screens and contrast are explained and illustrated. A perennial favorite article is Issue 26’s “How to design a Yellow Page ad.” While the Yellow Pages have a reduced audience, this article is a must-have for designing your one-color work, small-space or Web-page ads, fliers and business cards. Issue 23 contains “Fax the news,” a two-page redesign project focusing on grabbing readers’ attention in one color through a faxed page with a “clear” message. One final suggestion, Issue 18’s flier article has multiple layout ideas for hot-off-the-printer pages ready for the bulletin boards throughout the company.

Dear Before & After: In looking through our local small-town newspaper, it occurred to me that they're in serious need of a good ad designer. Having worked for a newspaper right out of college, though, I understand that most small businesses tend to have a whole different idea about their regular weekly ad. They all want their logo big and obnoxious at the top and skip the headline! How about an article about effective newspaper advertising in good old fashioned black & white? — Katie F.

Dear Katie,
Thank you for your suggestion. Issue 26 (a print back issue) has a great article about Yellow Pages advertising — four pages of small ad design in one color or two. They seem a thing of the past, but the article is recommended reading for anyone who has small space ads to create, black & white or color.

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