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PDF | 0661 | Design a catalog of rectangles
PDF | 0661 | Design a catalog of rectangles


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Design a catalog of rectangles

Segway’s catalog motif is simple, handsome and versatile.

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Dear Before & After,
Do you have any issues on how to design a photographic catalog selling albums, frames, holiday cards and images? — Thom

Dear Thom,
Single article 0661 “Design a catalog of rectangles” analyzes an attractive grid-based product catalog for design ideas to use with other companies’ products. We also have a five-page article in print Issue 25 and in our book, Before & After Page Design (page 122) titled “Create dramatic photo layouts for your products.” The article’s products are postcards and greeting cards. Oh, and they’re of cool fighter jets and helicopters! Not to worry though; right in the article a great caption from John McWade reassures, “You don’t sell helicopters? Neither do we, but the principles behind this design — a unifying grid, a single type family — and visual details like overlapping photos can be applied to any layout.” This is where Before & After back issues become a resource you’ll return to again and again. Our creative department works hard to create and choose design applicable to your pages, Web and print.