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Before & After magazine has been sharing its practical approach to graphic design since 1990. Because our modern world has made designers of us all (ready or not), Before & After is dedicated to making graphic design understandable, useful and even fun for everyone.

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0269 | What's the right typeface for text?
How to choose a typeface for clear, easy reading over long distances.
13 pages, 2.9MB | Free Download

0363 | Design a logo of letters
Are you known by your initials? Turn those letters into a terrific signature!
29 pages, 4MB | Free Download

0453 | How to find the perfect color
Getting that just-right color is part art, part science. We’ll show you.
25 pages, 3.8MB | Free Download

Free videos

Design on a square grid, part 2
A followup to our Design Talk post "How many squares?" Runtime 5:45 | Watch | YouTube | iTunes

Design on a square grid, part 1
A followup to our Design Talk post "How many squares?" Runtime 6:26 | Watch | YouTube | iTunes

PowerPoint: Keep your backgrounds simple
Simple backgrounds keep audience attention on your talk, not your slides. Runtime 3:40 | Watch | YouTube | iTunes

Supersize it!
An oversize image makes a great design fast. Runtime 4:23 | Watch | YouTube | iTunes
Part of Design Essentials

How to design a business card fast
Our “invisible square” technique is easy, versatile and fun! Runtime 3:06 | Watch | YouTube | iTunes | Issue reference: Issue 32
Part of Graphic Design Techniques

How to design a logo fast
Need a logo to brand a project or event? Try this.
Runtime 2:39 | Watch | YouTube | iTunes
Part of Graphic Design Techniques

The visual oxymoron
What happens when your words say one thing, but your graphics say something else?
Runtime 1:32 | Watch | YouTube | iTunes
Part of Graphic Design Techniques


An Extra is a little bit of design, an idea, a technique, another look at something.

09-02-10 | Double your artwork for free
Here's an artistic way to double your art dollar and make a beautiful design, too. One page, 536KB
Free Download

03-10-10 | Pattern breaker
A mix of body types, age, race and gender create a brilliant composition. One page, 372KB
Free Download

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