Letters from you

Just a quick note to tell you how much I have appreciated your work over the years. I was a long-time print subscriber, I own your books, and I have been consuming Before & After online since you began offering that option. I just looked at one of your videos for the first time, and I was struck at how, once again, you have proven yourself to be one of my most valuable resources as a designer. Excellent work!! — William Hill

I purchased your book some time ago and thoroughly enjoyed how helpful it is. I found your website and just watched the video on quickly creating a logo. I’ve tried in the past and never was happy with the results. This afternoon I saw down to start a new teaching series and quickly had a logo that looks good. Thanks for the clear help! — Chuck Taylor

Just read Seth Godin’s blog post this AM and was delighted to see him credit you for helping learn “to see.” Add my own accolades to his. I’m not sure I saw the very first issue of Before & After but I’ve seen most of them and in the aggregate they have had a profound and positive influence on how the world sees “me” online and in print. Thank you. — KC Ramsay

I love your short videos! I’m a textile designer doing graphic design work for friends and small businesses (?) and your ideas, conversations, and interesting topics have been very inspiring! Thank you! — Lisa Know

I love your stuff! It is always so clear and concise and practical. — Alina Niemi

I really appreciate your e-mails, especially the videos and website! I look at your work more and more. One factor appreciated is your approach of down-to-earth ways of explaining, and a get-it-done attitude. I feel that a lot of things seen nowadays are too wild and not thought out well, so your approach is refreshing, in a sea of junk. — Scott Kodysz

Just wanted to say “THANK YOU” for your informative video today on how to create a logo quickly. You always provide such helpful tips and info. (If I had lot’s of money, I’d buy all your stuff :-)) Your video today was just what I needed as a friend asked me for help with a logo. Thanks for all you do. — Sylvia Edney

I wanted to compliment you on these videos, they are excellent. I am a Web Design instructor at Santa Rosa Junior College and am using these videos as part of my curriculum. You are providing a real service by making these videos. My students and I are learning a lot from your work. Thanks so much. — Linda Hemenway

I just have to say how much I enjoy John’s videos. He is such a personable speaker, knows his material, and explains in simple terms what to do. John’s personality comes through as someone you want to know more about and to chat with about almost anything. I am a long-time subscriber to Before & After and even though I’m not in the design-end of things much anymore, I’ll keep my subscription because I love what you teach me. Thank you for providing such a terrific service! — Roberta Tray

I’ve been a fan and subscriber since, like, forever, but still I find the video format instructive and inspiring . . . It’s just great to see the stages come together in real time. Before & After is the resource that has the most impact on the success of my business, so I am very sincerely thankful to you. — Carrie Johnson

I just wanted to tell you guys that, back in about 1991, I talked my boss into subscribing to your magazine. When it would come in I would study it from cover to cover. I was really turning into quite the graphic artist when I quit the printshop a few years later. (I took your publications with me, still have them). I worked in and out of that printshop since then and am now starting out on my own. I am so glad to see your website! In a world full of clutter and a whole lot of talk about nothing, I love your clear simple, get to the point approach. I fully intend to subscribe again (and pick up some back issues) when I get my little business off the ground. Thanks!! P.S. Love the video too! — Nancy Jones

Sometimes my work requires me to engage in some kind of layout and design. Years ago, I studied calligraphy with a number of professionals for 8 years formally, but being able to draw a letter is very different from putting text together in an attractive layout. I spent weeks trying to put one text of Scripture together in a layout I thought was just right. I ended up with a very simple 2 line rendition of the text illuminating the first letter. It was very simple, but I thought it beat everything else I tried in an effort to look “fancy.” I have seen a couple of your videos and am amazed at the beautiful simplicity of your ideas. I think I would have enjoyed studying graphics formally. Thanks for the video. — Steven Lloyd

Just want to make comment about how much I enjoy Mr. McWade’s filmclip. He is so inviting, friendly and professorial-looking (in the kindest way). The presentation makes me want to take every word to heart, even listen to it several times. Thank you so much for this new addition to your website. You teach me an important element to my job in every episode. — Joy Johnson

Thank you for all your tips. I am a big fan of Before & After magazine. I have purchased many of your PDF sets. My dream to have all of them — each and everything you produce. Thanks — Shailesh Patil

Just want to say how much I enjoy your pdf articles and magazines. I started subscribing almost 2 years ago. I am not a professional designer--the only things I design are PowerPoint slides for lectures and an occasional flyer for a church event. But I love trying to understand design better. And your concrete examples help illustrate why some things work and some things don’t. Keep up the good work. — Craig Zuppan

I love your work and own several of your books as well as having a subscription to Before & After magazine. I wanted to say how much I also love your new ’less than 2 minutes’ videos - brilliantly presented and so inspiring! Thanks again so much for all the inspiring tutorials and books! — Christine Reed

I love your magazine! I have the pdf subscription and also bought the early newsletters in hard copy . . . I always find the content interesting and have applied some elements to projects that I am working on. You’ve opened my eyes and changed my concepts of design, just by me reading your 20yo newsletters! Concepts really haven’t changed have they?! — Bel Doley

I so enjoy your magazines, John! I’ve been subscribing (through work) since the very beginning and have raved about your magazine to anyone who’ll listen! I’m enjoying the new videos because it’s good to put a face to the fabulous graphic designer mind. Thanks again for helping us designers feel excited about what we do in a difficult economic time. — Sally Porter

Wow! Thanks for these awesome emails and videos. The suggestions and techniques are simply outstanding. This kind of unexpected additional content and advice will certainly keep me a subscriber forever. The value of the subscription is already beyond my expectation so this extra content is truly appreciated. I just love everything you are doing. I also have your printed books, which again, are outstanding. — Tom Jackson

I have to say, I questioned your move to video when I first saw it a couple of weeks back. After watching this episode, I’m really impressed. You’re on to something here. . . I’ve been following your pubs as a self-taught, but fairly respectable designer for years. I owe much of my capabilities to you and your pubs. You’re pubs and business model have always intrigued and impressed me. — Stan Schultz

If other designers are like me, we get so wrapped up with how much we can ’create’ on a page that we need to reel ourselves in and remember, less is more! I have your books and always look forward to receiving Before & After in my e-mail and snail-mail mailbox whenever a new one is released! If you ever do speaking engagements I’d be interested in attending. — Jodi Hendrickson

The video follows the same simplicity, the same straight forward approach, and the same learn-by-example presentation that is found in Before & After magazine. The one thing that the video did better was it added a personality to a formerly static picture of John McWade. You were talented; now you are talented and alive! — Greg Ferguson

I really love these and often refer back to my collection for ideas and to solve problems. Like good books in a book case! — Leonie Cridland

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your magazine and now the new great videos. I’m a long-time subscriber and continue to look forward to every installment. I don’t work professionally in the field of graphic design but have found many ways to employ your teaching to improve my communication pieces. Thank you! — Victor Urbach

Just got Design Ideas 20 and I really enjoyed everything in this issue. I churn out online sales ads about everyday and all sorts of promo materials and posters and this certainly helps. I have found your Design Below the Line to be a great template to follow for e-book designs . . . — Ken Hicks

Thank you! These are always very helpful and inspiring! — Luke Merrill

I’m a fan of all your work, and I recommend / give away my copy of “Before & After Page Design” constantly to people who want to learn the composition that has meaning. My website is somewhat well-known in the productivity community because of forms I design. When people ask me . . . I almost always mention your books as a source for understanding things like gestalt and composition. Thanks for all of your excellent work! — David Seah

First of all, LOVE your publication. I really think it is a breakthrough in how to teach the non-specialist “lay designers” about what was previously an arcane or inaccessible topic. Clear explanations supported with exceptionally vivid visual instructions truly sets the standard in my mind for graphic design education. This is sorely needed in a world where visual arts appears at the doorstep of every company with a website, brochure, or business card. Thanks for giving us all a good first impression. Before & After magazine is like Crest Whitestrips, spray tan, and Botox for my company’s image, only better. It’s easy, it’s fast, it works — and it lasts! — Stephen Hardiman

Your magazine is really fantastic and has helped me many times finding the right start or giving me the perfect idea when I was stuck. Thanks a lot!— Udo Klünsch

Aloha! — any way of getting a lifetime subscription? — Randy Lee

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed and learned from your article on how to make a logo from initials; my teacher had my class read it, and I found it very helpful. Keep it up!— Chava Drummond

I’ve been a subscriber to Before & After from almost from day one. There hasn’tbeen an issue or communication that hasn’t given me ideas or helped me as a designer. Although I’m now in my mid-70s, I don’t intend to stop [designing] any time soon, so keep those great Before & After issues coming. Thank you, and continued success to you and your colleagues. — Paul J. Chapple

I really appreciate the effort you put into your presentations. Always very informative and inspiring. — Don Cheke

thank you . . . you guys are the best, in all ways. none better. none smarter. none more of a resource. none easier to do business with. thanks for the easy clicking and proactive communication. thanks for the ideas and good design learning. thanks for being good marketers by having something worthwhile to sell. — sondra sneed

This one [0681] is an absolute winner. You’ve clearly described and illustrated the concepts I so much want to show my clients. You yourself have a product (magazine) that very much demonstrates your theory. Have always loved your clean-edged e-magazine. Good job!!! — Debra Klecan

I don’t want to miss a single thing that comes from your group. Everything I’ve ever seen from you is wonderful! Can’t get enough. You people give a perspective on design that is not found anywhere else. Several times I have used the wisdom you share on why a certain element of a design works to garner senior management approval for my designs. The psychological reasons why readers react to a printed piece the way they do is priceless information that only comes from extensive experience and knowledge. I have not found any of this kind of relevant information on any other design Web site, publication or professional journal. — Jon Hoy

A quick note to say thanks for your fantastic design ideas. Your work is beautiful! And I appreciate the explanations, you’re a good teacher. I now subscribe to the Before & After PDFs. I’m an artist but not a graphic artist. So, you’ve made the work of business a little easier for me . . . thanks for making life easier and more elegant! — Sandy Luehrsen

hey, i’ve never written you before, even though i’ve subscribed almost since the beginning. i’m only writing now because of a funny coincidence. the very day before receiving your “draw visual instructions” pdf, i saw a manual from nike on using a complex running watch. they used almost exactly the techniques you describe, right down to the little fingers (not quite as detailed as yours, but note the radically “wrong” but effective proportions of the watch and the fingers). i thought it was absolutely brilliantly done, because programming these watches can be complex. here’s the link to the pdf. as usual, this sort of clear design is a lot harder than it looks. but having them sweat bullets over the manual design saves many more times that anguish for the users of the product! i like that. you know it’s hard, because you see this so rarely. thanks for all you do. i think your pdf delivery is great. i may even, finally, drop my print sub next time around. i’m trying to radically reduce paper around the office here, and realize that i never look at the “magazine” any more. — art kilgour

Just wanted to say thanks for your excellent magazine. I really enjoy each issue to the fullest, and the Jennifer Diamond one [0680] is no exception. I love the useful information on how to create a “brief” for the customer. I will definitely make use of this in my client communications. Thanks for being great! — Julie John

Really enjoy the magazine. Your insights regarding trends and  techniques have taken my design curiosity to new levels! You never cease to amaze me, and Before & After is the best resource I’ve found! Keep up the fantastic work. — Doretha Phillips

By the way, the latest PDF on identity creation for the Jennifer Diamond Foundation is amazing, one of the best things I’ve seen from you in, what, almost 18 years? And that’s saying something. I do appreciate all the thoughtfulness that you put into communicating your ideas. It is both inspiring and humbling. — Peter Braverman

I have been studying graphic design and all of its elements for the last two years, and Before & After magazine is by far the best quality, most inspiring, easiest-to-understand approach to graphic design that I have found. You guys are great! I really appreciate everything that I have learned from you all — Russ Erickson

I am a loyal subscriber and have found your publication to be a valuable reminder as to what good design is all about. The recent article featuring the furniture store [0681] is a real must-read and a keeper for sure. Thanks again, and keep up the great work. — Gerry Suchy

I love Design Talk! Gives me a nice way to gently suggest to students and colleagues that they ought to “Take a look at Design Talk, lots of great stuff.” So thank you for this extension of Before & After. No one, absolutely no one, gets to borrow my print copies of Before & After anymore. — Phyllis Taylor

As a writer, I appreciate the impact of good graphic design — how a well-designed piece conveys the message more powerfully than words alone. I started studying graphic design a few years ago but am hard pressed to name a resource that has had more impact on my design skills than Before & After Magazine. I constantly refer back to the PDF’s for design inspiration and guidance, and I recommend the magazine to all my design-minded friends and associates. Thanks for putting out such an accessible, affordable and invaluable resource. — Michelle Belan

I love Before & After. Despite times being tough, I’m happy to support this wonderful resource that has taught me so much over the years. — Amy Young-Leith

Thank you! . . . for the remix of the gestalt theory. I have been using the OLD versions with my students along with your books since you started publishing them. The price is right, the design is superb and the content is just what students need to understand the concept. Most of my students have learned a little of the gestalt theory in our basic art foundation course; but your explanation, relating the principles directly to graphic design really gets the ideas across to the students. I am looking forward to your remix of the other gestalt principles and hoping you will incorporate them all in a basic graphic design text book. You people really know how to present these ideas in an attractive easy-to-understand format. I wish you had been around when I went to design school. — Roderick Robertson

Until a year back I did not know your magazine existed . . . Nothing comes close to Before & After for pure, insightful, educated, useful information on design for the new and some experienced graphic designers I have had to train. You are also very entertaining in the way information is presented. I missed a lot in my early years in the business. Now I am re-enriching myself. Thank you Before & After. — Mathew Jacob

Still loving your mag all these years later, and especially love your editorials. They usually give me fond memories of “the old way” and/or were quite useful for subject matter when I used to teach college-level Graphic Design. I don’t teach anymore, but still speak with some of my former students and use your editorials in conversation. Thanks John! — Kass Johns

Circumstances made me a bio-science graduate academically but perhaps unknowingly I was a graphic designer from very early age. When I realized this consciously and had taken it up as a career, the resources which helped me to increase my knowledge and refine my skills include Before & After Magazine. I really regret that I didn’t know about this magazine in my early career life. I had tried out other graphic design/visual communication magazines, but none fit the bill. Most of them were 60% advertisements and 40% actual matter and many a times those “actual matter” were not so relevant to day to day design issues that we face. Another great option is your lovely PDF format. Initially I had subscribed to the nice print formats but as I am from India many a times an issue gets lost in the transit. When you introduced the PDF format Before & After became an all-a-rounder in graphic design for me. And not to mention the layout of your magazine, it reiterates “practice what you preach.” Many many humble thanks — Subarna Ghoshal

Your magazine is the most useful tool I have found in regard to design and I refer to it for every project; and, your aesthetics and design flair consistently impress me and inspire me . . . Thank you for being excellent. — Silia J. Hatzi

You folks are great. I appreciate getting these e-mails that remind of how resourceful your mag is. It is a pleasure to be a subscriber. You are right you sell great design principles and tips. Keep designing — Jesse Conte

I appreciate the insights and rational behind design choices that are explained throughout Before & After. These thoughts and principles have helped me make many design decisions . . . thanks for the inspiration and the countless rescues from creative block. — Michael Anderson

I just love this magazine and have been a subscriber for many years. I’ve been reading this since the beginning! I cannot tell you how much it has helped me grow as a beginning designer, then art director, and now a creative director. I recommend it to anyone who is in our field. — Melissa Early Barry

I freakin’ love your magazine! It has helped me a lot with mine, biodieselSMARTER, a small mag for biodiesel brewers. Thanks! — Frankie Abralind

Your magazine is superb. It has provided information and inspiration for our agency since Vol. 1, No. 1, 1990. Rock on. — Andrea Bergero

FANTASTIC magazine! I am stunned with each issue, how great the design and information is, not just the WHAT but the WHY! I have rarely seen any item that was less than excellent! Love, love, love everything! Really wish you had monthly issues! Thanks — Holly Tobias

I don’t know how you keep coming up with such simple yet universal design lessons, but I and your other subscribers are the richer for it. Please keep up the inspiring work! — Jane Finch-Howell

I find the simple ideas in Before & After useful in everyday work. Cool that sometimes the inspiration I need is right there. Thanks for design help and inspiration. I appreciate the way your articles don’t just lecture, they think and walk us through design ideas. — Beth D. Ardoin Watson

Ok, you guys make me sick! Although I’ve had little formal training I’d like to think I’ve done a fairly good job over the last 30 years. But you make it look so simple and once you explain why you did what you did it makes perfect sense. Please keep up the fantastic work — you have no idea how much I look forward to receiving the next issue! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! — James Stuart

I have been a grateful subscriber for several years. In fact, you have quoted me in your past newsletters. Thanks, for such a great service to the industry. You keep my mind open and creative. — Timothy Princehorn

I absolutely LOVE these articles. I also own both books and feel like a better designer because of all of them. I do feel like I learn more from the articles and was wondering if you planned on publishing them in book format. I find that they are such a great teaching/learning tool and I would love to have them in a book that matches your other two published works. I know that the articles are made for printing and putting in a binder, but the wealth of knowledge they provide would certainly sell — even for me when I already subscribe . . . the articles are a fantastic gem for any designer. — Erin Culver

I am delighted to have found this wonderful website and superb design resources. I have been reading the articles and files with great enjoyment and interest. — Georgi Kalchev

I did NOT want to go totally electronic, as I simply DEVOUR your print publications. They are my all-time favorite pubs in 16 years of industry experience! PDFs are great for faster things but I’d rather have the archival print for feeding my brain slowly . . . I’m old-fashioned. Thanks for the motivation, the tips, and the STYLE. Ya’ll are fantastic! . . . I have recommended this publication to many, many designers that I’ve trained over the years. — Barbara Dodd

I love the articles, and it is the most practical advice in design I have ever found. As an engineer, I have always found my ideas are much more well-received when they are presented beautifully. — Melinda Hale

I love your articles and I have learned so much (or given me formal reasoning to a lot of gut feelings) — Wayne Beasley

A happy customer for many years of the print edition, then gone for many years, finally returning. Your iStock photo ad reminded me of the book, and your combo price for print plus PDF now seems very attractive. — L.G. Harriman III

I really really like your website, the free tips that you provide and the fact that you don’t bombard me with emails. I got one of your emails today and decided that you have really great content and so I would like to subscribe to what you put out. Just goes to show that you don’t have to beat people over the head with annoying marketing to get them to order. You didn't even try and advertise that you sell stuff online. I looked for it myself. Great work! Love you guys . . . — Cindi Vinette

It’s 8:38 p.m. and I am trying to still be creative. My mind and my marble jar are almost empty . . . hmmm, I think I’ll take a little break and see what’s in my in-box. Waahooo, it’s Before & After! You are a breath of fresh air in a presently stagnant office. Thanks! — Nadine Allen

Keep up the great work, our production dept. finds your articles very enlightening and useful. — Alex Fekete

I wanted you to know that I have subscribed from the very beginning of Before & After, have every issue in binders, and at age 74 still find them as useful and inspiring as ever. When I finally give up the business, I’m passing along my Before & After magazines to my granddaughter who is studying graphic design. Thanks for such an outstanding, long-term performance. — Richard Haynes

After losing touch with Before & After for a few years, I discovered it again recently online. I subscribed to the PDF version and wanted to thank you for your ideas. I teach high school journalism and often use your magazine as a source for ideas, projects and instruction. Keep up the good work! — Jeff Gabbard

Love this publication. Loved it in hardcopy. Love it as a PDF! I also use your “Before & After Page Design” book often. Your designs are clean and your instructions are very thorough. Thanks so much! — C. Leece

I’ve been a subscriber for over two years, and your PDFs have been an absolute godsend for teaching design to high school graphic arts students . . . thanks for such wonderful design tips and experiences. — Stephen Pottage

It’s a great magazine, and I plan to renew. I love getting it in PDF format, so I don’t have to figure out how to store all the back issues. Keep up the inspiring work! — Rebecca Kilde

Thanks a bunch. I always look forward to my Before & After. I like the electronic issues, but I really like the printed copies because I can flip through them for all sorts of inspiration. — Sarah Carol

Thank you so much. These Before & Magazine articles have all been inspirational. Well done on a fantastic job. — Stephanie Argyle

After 19 years as a freelance designer, I am back in the 9-5 world. Things I’m taking to the office . . . family photos, and ALL my issues of Before & After . . . all the way back to issue 1! Hey, I know what’s important. — Judy Robertson

I am a high school Math teacher. Students are expected not only to “do”, but also to read and write about Math. I showed the Pocket-Size Brochure layout to my students, and asked them to use the spreads to create a summary about matrices. Needless to say, the booklets came out beautiful. One student with access to technology presented a hand written draft, and a final done at the computer. The joy of receiving such pieces was a unique experience! There is power in the creative use of something often taken for granted: a piece of letter sized paper. — Heidi Funes-Fonseca

I am not a “design” person, but after having sneak-peaks at some of your tutorials . . . I had to sign up . . . your presentations of information, ideas and tutorials are just perfection in a document! Cheers! — Mark Scholmann

I absolutely LOVE Before and After magazine. I also have both of your books which I refer to constantly for ideas. . . I cannot survive without your magazine, it’s wonderful!!! — Deborah Cort

Intellectual ideas are born at Before & After magazine. Thank you for spreading and sharing your ideas and for making the design world SO MUCH easier and understandable! I think I am talking for millions when I say: Thank you so much! You ARE appreciated!— Adele van Nieuwenhuizen

You folks are the best — I’ve been a subscriber off an on since the ’90s and if I had to give up all of my graphic magazines but one, yours is the one I would keep. Before & After is the only magazine I’ve found that addresses visual literacy, without which all the techniques and layouts in the world are worthless. — Carrie Johnson

Your PDF magazine is so convenient and accessible, it makes me want to design my own. — Chase Mann

I have many of your articles . . . They are so well done and a great inspirational tool for me as a graphic designer, with great lessons taught also. I hope you continue to produce new articles of the same quality.— Sherron Moorhead

I have been subscribing to Before & After since the early ’90s. I still think you are the best. Thanks for all your hard work, talent and fine instruction. I am with you for life! — Carolyn Baggoo

I absolutely LOVE your magazine!!! I am a 3rd year student in Graphic Design at the Art Institute and your magazine has helped me so many times in doing good design work and getting fresh and new ideas. Each edition I comb through and try to absorb as much as I can. You ROCK!!!! Keep the editions and topics coming . . . I’m a woman returning to school and your magazine helps me keep on top of good design. — Julie Boelter

I just wanted to take a moment and commend you on such an excellent publication. Before & After has by far exceeded what I would have expected from such an inexpensive publication. Thank you very much for all the insight and expert advice that has allowed me to look like a wiz when making suggestions to my clients.— Juan C. Vega

Thanks for the awesome resource. I always find a use for the projects and “lessons” taught in each issue! Love this magazine! I want to tell you that I used “How to set a text-only logotype” for a project that I had to get in for a client this afternoon! Before & After is well worth the money, because it’s well presented in clear and precise language that any beginner graphic artist/designer can use. It’s also a great source for long-time graphics people who need a boost of inspiration. — Amy Gossett

I have just finished downloading my first articles by Before & After. I can’t wait to go through each one of them. Your ideas are fabulous and truly beautiful. Thank-you a thousand times over. — Litsa Tzelepis

Yours is the most enlightening as well as the most depressing design magazine ever produced. (Depressing only because I can't begin to measure up to the design talent exhibited therein.) — Penny McIntire

You’re the bomb! — Jeff Ebbing

I have learned nearly all of my design skills from the information contained in the pages of this magazine, and the way it is presented is just plain fun. Thanks, and please continue your work for at least another 50 years! — Daryl Parisi

I ALWAYS look forward to receiving Before & After! LOVE the periodical!!! — Risa

It is a pleasure to renew once again! Your magazine is a must have! — Léo Gagné

Before & After has always been such a good investment. — Shelby Gordon

Thanks, again, for great design experiences.— David Walker

I love this magazine. I am going to downgrade to the PDF copy only . . . we have digital presses in house and I can always just send to those to print a run of PDFs and put them in my binder. What would I do without this magazine? — Tony Cooper

Thank you. Keep 'em coming — I've used something from almost every article! — Pamela Faulkner

Nothing that comes into my mailbox excites me so much as your magazine. I simply love it. I appreciate so much all I learn from you. — Beverly Theunis

Beautiful magazines. Thank you from an aspiring designer! — Peter Munro

I love this magazine. Thank you for publishing it!! — Ann Stables

Fantastic magazine — even though I have been in the business for 42 years I find it very valuable. — Sarah Montgomery

I have an online subscription, and I absolutely love it. I'm a bit of a novice at many things still, and this provides ideas, tips and tricks that I refer to again and again. Well worth every penny and then some. Keep up the great work. — Lynn Pauls

I requested the online subscription, and it all worked so well — AND I have printed off a few of the articles. THANK YOU! I love your work and your publications. I have been a "customer" for years — mainly reading other subscribers' issues — but I love it all, and I just wanted you to get a nice "Thanks"! for your work and your excellent product. — Christine Anderson

Thanx again!! I have files full of your pdf's and took the liberty of laminating all of them!!! It looks stunning and is VERY helpful!! Thumbs up to you guys!!!!! — Alele Van Nieuwenhuizen

I'm a big fan of your articles, style and approach. Reading your articles has given me clarity in my thinking and design that I had subtly lost over time. It has also inspired me to focus on priorities as well as intensified my connection with my creative source. So, perhaps you can see why I'm interested in reading more. Thank you for your time and your publications & please keep the brevity flowing! — Rhonda Michelle Steward

I just received my online subscription . . . I am so excited about what I have seen that I am going to run out and shoot new images (for my new website and brochure and business card) so I can start applying the great techniques you folks have delivered. Whoopee!!!!! — Christopher Skinner

I subscribed to your magazine years ago. In April of last year I took early retirement to pursue my dream of earning my living by doing what I love. Rediscovering Before & After through a link from iStockphoto is like finding a new source of oxygen. Thank you for continuing to do such great work and for making it available to the rest of us for a reasonable cost. — KC Ramsay

I love your magazine and the downloads and the fact that most issues zero in on one idea at a time and gives the colors and typestyles that are used. Thanks! — Lenore Collins

Thank you for such a great product. It's always a pleasure receiving the latest issue and learning from your team. Your product makes my work better. — Jim Bunte

You are my favorite design magazine of all! I've been in this business for 35 years, and I've never read a more helpful, more well-laid-out source than yours. You present your concepts so simply, it makes it easy to "get it." Every issue is like a refresher course in good graphics, always pulling me back to those basics we all lose sight of too easily in this cookie-cutter world. — Steve Weed

Keep up the fantastic work! — Dan Kuss

I was astounded with how excellent the "Before & After Page Design" book was! I stumbled across your book at Borders while looking at some web design books, and I was immediately drawn to the clarity with which you presented concepts that apply across all the different media (web, newsletters, booklets, etc). It was the underlying concepts that provided the tools needed to move the communication from mediocre and boring to clean, eye-catching and creative. An excellent standard for the small business owner/entrepreneur to use. Instead of just info on how to do something, it explains why you make certain choices. Continue the excellent work! — Amy Crawford

You are a great resource for ideas and how-to's. Thanks for all your great ideas. — Charles Pysher

I love your site. I always find something new, and you have helped me many, many times. — Jeffrey Wright

I really love your work, and the information is most helpful. You've been a source of inspiration and a standard for clean, contemporary design. To all the crew . . . great job! May you continue to maintain the excellence in design we've come to expect! — Richard Jansen

I can't tell you how much I appreciate Before & After. So, thank you will have to do. — Steve Brennan

Just wanted to THANK YOU for your recent article on small websites. I have been procrastinating creating my website because I felt so overwhelmed with decisions. Now, I'm anxious to begin designing! Thanks again, as always! — Natasha Fletcher

This is just what I need right now. Thanks again folks. — Pete Bjerkelund

Just like to quickly say thanks. Your e-mails are always worth opening, and the subscription was worth every penny. — Alex Macdonald

You are simply the best. Always useful and really clear. Thank you! Why you don't think on a translation of Before & After? In Italy you could be a best-seller in our field. — Giuliano Michelini

Okay — first off, there isn't a publication of Before & After that doesn't make me stop what I'm doing so I can read and study the content. It's like a "gift" that shows up via e-mail (or via post when the hard copy hits my mailbox). But . . . something happened to when I opened today's "gift" only to find the color wheel. COLOR, COLOR, COLOR! It is what I use all day to pull a look together for a new ad, brochure, banner, or whatever. So, a big thank-you for the new tool. Yep, could have, and should have, bought one a long time ago, but you know how it is. Your faithful subscriber — Nancy Warfe

Merci beaucoup many, many times over! I have been wanting a colour wheel for so long: it will help me roll my heavy load of ignorance along instead of struggling with the full weight on my back. Before & After magazine never fails to give me food for the journey and an appetite for more. Thank you. — Rob Collins

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your articles. They're helpful and informative, and they give me ideas! Thank you for doing what you do, and doing it so well! — Christelle Moore

Applause, applause! Thank you for such continued stellar support for the DTP community. Before & After has given me the answers or the needed "jog" to handle design and production problems more times than I care to think about. May you continue forever. — Alan Gilbertson

I have both of your books, a number of the Before & After magazines and an ongoing subscription to the pdfs. All are worth many times their pricetag. I originally purchased your books and pdf hints because of the graphics/typography info, and because your skills as a designer are as good as I have ever seen. But, what is really remarkable to me, is that you are much more than a graphic designer; you are a "communicator" who is able to demonstrate the idea graphically and ALSO further explain the point through excellent narration. Kudos! The Internet is a perfect vehicle for you as a teacher. It allows you to instruct a much larger "class" than teaching at a college or university. Thank you for letting me into your class! (By the way, I am a 63-year-old "student," as learning is a lifetime challenge.) — Wayne Perk

Keep up the great work! I've recommended your magazine to a lot of designers both experienced and new and they've all had nothing but positive things to say! — Aaron Copley

Every time I receive a new instructional pdf link or a bound Before & After in the mail, I'm reminded how on-the-mark your publication is for the slaving graphic designer. Thanks so much; don't ever stop. — Kristin Driscoll

I just wanted to let you guys know how much I love your magazine. I can't stand to read the newspaper, and hardly ever make it through an entire issue of any magazine in one sitting. But it never fails that when Before & After arrives, I put aside whatever I am doing and read it cover to cover. Then, of course, I file it away for safe-keeping and eternal reference. Thank you for all the valuable, applicable, and specific advice, and keep up the good work! — Karen Thygerson

Thanks for another awesome issue! I really appreciate the way you take practical, everyday design problems and make perfect sense of them for the uninitiated graphic designer. I'm getting an invaluable design education that I apply in my work both online and offline. Again, thank you! — Hans Lund

Outstanding publication! As a proud owner of every issue and both books, I gladly resubscribe! Hey! can I buy a lifetime subscription? — Don Johnson

Thank you so much for the article on Web headers. I've been hoping that you'd do more articles on Web design. For a programmer learning design there are very few resources — there are books on programming, which I don't need, and books on graphic design, which don't really address the problem of filling up thousands of blank pixels on a page. Thanks! And I love your magazine and your book. Keep up the good work! — Rebecca Loring

I want to add to the endless string of happy e-mail messages you all have received. Except for the issues lost when our building was badly damaged by fire in 1995, I have every single issue of Before & After since Day 1. It seems magic to me; I don't see how you consistently put out a relevant, fascinating publication EVERY single time. You have saved me as a designer more times than I can count. If I could only read one publication or have one subscription to anything, your magazine would be my top choice. I devour every word, every little nuance of it. Thank you so much! — Char Ward

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate Before & After. When I discovered your site while reading an article on Creativepro.com, I was instantly impressed. As a "non" designer who has the responsibility of creating design layout, your material is a treasure trove! The interesting point is that as opposed to using your material as a step-by-step road map, I find that I see new and different possibilities in the work I'm doing. I became a subscriber instantly and have purchased both books at my local Borders. I look forward to my subscription issues and again want you to know how much I appreciate your work! — Mike Jenkins

The Design a Wrap-Around Brochure was an A++++ article. Very creative use of space and "reveal" sequence. A real problem-solver that has sparked my imagination for future brochures. This article alone was worth the subscription. Many thanks! — Jan Medley

The material you are producing is an absolute blessing to me and I am certain to the many others who appreciate the special insight you have in creative print. I congratulate you in what you are doing, and it just gets better all the time. The content you present appears so obvious after seeing it, but before its arrival it is hidden. This is just a big thank-you to all of the Before & After team. May you continue with your wonderful works for many years to come. — Neil Hughes, South Africa

For all you have taught me, from the very first issue, I am indeed a thankful designer! I happily renew my subscription. I have been with you from the beginning. From when holes were not drilled on the side and I had to buy plastic doohickeys to make it work in a binder. From the long, sometimes longer delays between issues, I was patient and did not lose heart. From the odd tabloid size that fits neither in my binder nor anywhere else, I have them all. Thanks for the memories. — Judy Robertson

The vast amount of really sensible and useful information I've received from your magazine represents value that I simply cannot repay. The clarity with which you present useful concepts makes Before & After a must-have source for non-professionals like myself who want to produce "stand out" documents but don't have any built-in artistic ability. I truly cannot thank you enough for sharing your skill and knowledge in such an affordable manner. — Dave Towle

Well done with all your fantastic PDFs!!! You are raising the bar for most designers I know personally!!! Thanx!!! I just want to know when my subscription expires and how I can re-subscribe. Thanx again for such wonderful articles!!! From a young designer looking up to you!!! — Adele van Nieuwenhuizen

Before & After is one of the best and easiest to use design magazines I know of. — Bill McNabb, Partner, MorrisonMcNabb

Each time I utilize a Before & After tutorial, I create a piece that exceeds my expectations. I find the PDF format to be very convenient and am always impressed by your creativity and breadth of ideas. You consistently inspire me, and I am very grateful I discovered you. Keep up the fantastic work. — Amy K. Schaus

I find your teaching-by-example method both refreshing and inspiring. And I treasure your book! (Before & After Page Design) It has provided me with more insight than other design books far greater in size and cost. You seem to find a way to clearly guide the reader through each lesson, all the while teaching solid design concepts as you go. To manage such a feat without adding clutter — and rarely distracting from the lesson at hand — is truly a gift. Furthermore, your designs are software neutral, which has proved very valuable when using a variety of DTP software (Quark Xpress, Scribus, etc). Thank you. You have helped me ride the learning curve where technical writing and design cross paths. I will put your tutorials to good use! — Robert Follett

I am really enjoying and look forward to each issue. Your service is really helping me to stay current. I’ve been an art and creative director for over 35 years. — Timothy Princehorn

Just a quick e-mail to thank you for your reminders regarding downloads for better designs. I really love getting them and love your tips and ideas. Many thanks from a happy subscriber "down under" in Australia. — Mara Cvejic

I just wanted to let you know how much I look forward to receiving the new articles from you. They are excellently thought out, presented and always interesting. — Sarah Newman

I just thought I would send you a note thanking you for your great Before & After publications. I find it totally refreshing and comforting to have such professionals like yourselves share with me your inspirational design ideas. The before and after helps me to better understand the "why" of design. Thanks for your help. — John Cangemi

I just finished reading Issue 41. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The articles were particularly informative and well written. I like the attention to details in the layout processes. Very helpful to us designers. Let's see more of those! — Karen Steiner

I just read "Design below the line" (Article 0636) and LOVED it. I love all your articles, but this was such an extra special treat!!! Multi-page design is a separate category in and of itself and is not often discussed in detail. Your explanations make everything so simple: the best design is clean and well thought out! Thank you for continued GREAT work! — Leah Hanlin

I love your stuff . . . have every issue since 1. Thanks! — Gerard McLean

I wanted to let you know how much I really enjoy your publication. I look forward to receiving each article. They are little bursts of inspiration. — Betsy Tuma

You are the best minutes I spend — thank you! I have been admiring your work since the earliest days of PageMaker, FreeHand and the 512k Macintosh. You have been a constant source of inspiration as well as information. As long as you write about design, I will be there to read the treasures you offer. — Lola Durbrow

I've found your magazine a very useful tool. We all extremely enjoy it and are looking forward to the next issue. Thanks again for the wonderful quality and effort you put into every issue. — Deanna Benson

Just found out about your magazine today and subscribed right away; everything is so practical and full of excellent design! Thank you so much for such a quality and affordable product/service you offer! — Tara Lynn French

I recently subscribed to your magazine and just wanted to tell you it is absolutely wonderful! Each article is concise, clear, useful, straight-forward and any other superlative you can think of. I love the way each article tells you the "why" of things. Including the colors and fonts, spacing, etc., on the last page is such a great learning aid for creating practice layouts "just like the professionals." For myself, who took training in Web design only to discover I also needed to be a graphic designer, it is an invaluable tool. Thank you, thank you, thank you. — Yvonne Nelson

Amazing. Within 10 minutes of reading your latest PDF, “Design teeny-tiny brochures,” I came up with two projects that I can use the concepts on. And they fit perfectly! I can't wait to try them out. You guys continually knock it out of the park. Thanks! — Peter Uchytil

Lol … "Have I told you, lately, that I love you … la la la la la la la la la …" Somehow, the timing is always terrific when I receive this publication! Thanks! — Sharon Spurgin

I am a subscriber and am so grateful for the quality and clarity of your magazine! — Camille Lee

I just learned of your publication today, and the moment I saw your Web site, I was in love . . . with your clean, crisp design, your beautiful use of type, the practical and timely topics, your simple, yet effective techniques. I can't explain it except to say I'm placing my order today. — Khali Northington

Just wanted to say that you are producing an excellent teaching magazine. I am instructor at small college in Dallas teaching graphic design. This is extremely helpful. Keep up the good work. — Scott Golem

I just feel that I have to let you know that I LOVE the pdf articles that are e-mailed to me. I find the step-by-step instructions easy to follow and immeasurably helpful. I also really like the design solutions that the Before & After team comes up with, particularly since they are ideal for desktop printing. Thank you. — Carolyn Hart

Thank you for a terrific, easy-to-use lesson in graphic design. I am building a business around one-page photo montages that incorporate family photos and the stories that go with them. I’m a writer, but have no art or design training. I’m doing amazingly well considering this, but your flier lesson will be incredibly helpful. I’m so glad I subscribed. Thanks for all your efforts on our behalf! Best $36 I ever spent! — Sandy Choukroun, Sandy Story Montage

I love your magazine! Thanks for publishing work articles that are both educationally sound and well designed. — Curt LaFond

i am a before & after subscriber and i enjoy each edition of it. you guys do a tremendous job. you guys rock. — rodrigo bressane

Your articles are well written, well designed and very interesting. I'm glad I subscribed. Thank you. — V. Boomsma

I LOVE YOUR STUFF! I am so glad to have subscribed and to get these neat ideas! I like to see what you suggest and then take off in my own directions! Many thanks! — Susan Donahue

You guys were my inspiration to get into this field back in 1990. I never went to school for graphic design but have been a subscriber of your publication since Vol. 1 No. 2 / 1990. Your insight and articulating words have always stayed with me, your design principles are timeless, and I have stuck with them through all these years, which has allowed me to become an art director for a real fun agency here in Omaha. — Robin Tills

Thank you for producing a consistently quality and inspirational publication. I'm lost in admiration. Keep up the good work. You're helping me blur the line between photography and design. When your e-mail doesn't arrive, I begin withdrawal symptoms ;-) — Ian Pack

I just want to tell you how much I enjoy reading your publication. No fluff and no fillers. It is the best graphics publication I have ever seen. Thank you again. — Kathryn Bernstein

I really loved the most recent newsletter flyer article. This is exactly what I do almost all of the time. Can't wait to apply it. Thanks again. — Lori Starr

I am the graphic jack of all trades (product development, packaging, advertising, etc.) for a very small business and love the ideas that you send! Thanks! — Sharon Ragner

Great issue. I always like learning quick and effective design strategies that are also very practical, and this issue fits the bill just as previous issues have. Happy to be a subscriber. Thanks! — Hans Lund

Thank you so much for providing some Web design tips and guidelines. Some great pearls in there. I love your magazine! — Scott Bernadot

I really enjoy every issue of Before & After magazine, since it is a breeze to read. — Semih Karabay

I have been a subscriber since day one and am very protective of every single issue. I have them all. — Giggey

After University, where I studied IT and not design, I got what I thought was to be a temporary job based on a pretty weak web-design assignment. I wish I'd found Before & After sooner as it is by far the best resource I've discovered in five years of struggling to learn about design. I subscribed within minutes of reading my first free article and have spent the last week devouring all the articles I can download. So far you've sparked so many new creative ideas, I've had to buy a new notebook! Thank you so much. Oh, and please, please, please keep it up! — James Thompson

After an engaging conversation about color and learning at Learning 2005, I was introduced to the site/magazine Before & After. VERY COOL! It's amazing how compelling very simply topics can be when the presentation is well designed. — Brent Schlenker

Thank you so much for these PDF files! Excellent ideas. A great blessing over here. — Lorraine Smith

Love the Before & After site and PDFs. They are full of useful information and easy to follow. Another thing I really like about Before & After PDFs is the source info at the end of the article. Sometimes I see artwork that would be beneficial to a project I am doing. Keep up the good work! — Trisha Hadley

I used to get your magazine years ago, but I thought you went out of print. I found one of your books at Borders and was so happy to see you again that I am subscribing right away! You are the BEST at giving great design ideas, step-by-step instructions, and practical applications. It's like having my own experienced graphic arts tutor. Love it, love it, love it — keep up the great work! I can't wait to look at the archived articles. — Laurie Egner

Good job going to PDF. I subscribed back in design school years ago and just thought of your publication, which I love. It's good to be back! — James Webb

Your magazines and PDFs inspire me to be a better graphic designer. They are simple and easy to understand, and they have improved my design skills in so many ways. I just want to say thanks again to everybody at Before & After for making graphic design understandable. Keep those beautiful PDFs coming, and good luck in the future to all of you! — Chris Woodman

Like a fine wine, you continue getting better with every new issue. Now that I have rediscovered your Web site, I am again blown away by the quality and strength of the resource you produce. Please extend my high praise to your fine staff and excellent contributing designers. Sign me an old dog who enjoys learning new tricks from Before & After. It's cool stuff! — Loren Williams

Love this stuff! It's all good, all the time. I have subscribed to many design and art-related publications throughout my career. I can say with utmost sincerity that Before & After contains the most useful content, creative springboards, visually appealing format, technical content, and, most simply put, it looks great. Each issue leaves you anticipating the next. I wait anxiously for future book publications. (I have worn thin Before & After Page Design.) Keep up the fantastic work! — Jennifer Jaworowski

I wanted to let you know how great issue 40 is! The Audio FX article is my favorite. It's what I've always loved about Before and After, the "before and after" examples of real-world projects being redesigned. I'm a big believer in learning by doing, and those articles are the greatest help in my design education. Thanks! — Rolando Mendez

It occurred to me that I've never let you folks know how great these articles are. I always look forward to getting them. They're beautiful and fun, and I've learned a lot from them. Thanks! — Barb Christensen

I love your magazine. I have it since issue one. I was excited to see an updated, design-your-own-clock article. I teach graphic design and have given that as an assignment many times. Glad to have more examples to show! — Dyann Simile

Wonderful job, as always, on issue 40. I'm only sorry you didn't lose Harry and Son's abilty to top trees as you redesigned their card. No one with any knowledge of gardening would hire a tree service that does that. Thanks for letting me register my two cents, and keep up the inspiring design work. — Jane Finch-Howell

I just received Issue 40 and WOW. There is a lifetime of information in this one publication. Thank you. — Steve Brennan

You provide absolutely the best source I've ever seen for ideas and techniques — and in an exquisitely concise format! — Frank Weaver

Before & After is just the best, most useful design product ever. I've been on board from the first issue and will NEVER leave. I've been in publication design for 25 years and always manage to learn something new and PRACTICAL from Before & After. It's a great kick-start when the ideas have to happen and the bio-rhythms aren't. Thank you! — DeborahAnne Chingas Sandke

Let me say how much I love Before & After. I have learned so much and look forward to each article. Thanks for all you have done to improve visual communication and make the world a place of beauty. — Howard T. Reginald Miller

This has always been a fantastic publication! Keep up the great work. Issue 40 is of immediate use to me, as I am the publicity chair for a plein air painting group. The pattern for our next year's reminder calendar is right there in front of me! Wow! (That has not been the only great idea I have used in my professional and volunteer life from your publications!) Thanks for all you do to make design such a vital part of what we do to communicate. — Terry Tallis

Your magazine is phenomenal! Reading it is like sipping a fine brandy. — Paul Taylor

Hurray!!!! You finally printed an issue and drilled the holes for me! You guys think of everything . . . and saved me a trip to Kinkos. — Judy Robertson / PS: I have been with you all since the beginning. I used to sit in the parking lot of the post office and read the whole issue before I drove off.

Thanks! I learn more every issue. Love the PDF format but hate having to print them out. (I'm an old "hands-on" guy and enjoy reviewing your work to stimulate my tired old brain cells . . . so I have to print the pages! May never achieve a "paperless office" at this location!) But THANKS again! Keep 'em coming! — Stephen Smith

Thank you . . . you're a great help and inspiration. — Richard Jansen

Thanks for everything I've already learned. If my time is worth even ten cents an hour, this subscription is saving me money! — Raymond Shay

I e-mailed you recently about how much I like your work, and I've just opened a couple of new articles I hadn't yet read. I had to send you another message, because each time I see a new article I think, "That is so cool; why hadn't I thought of that?" Keep up the good work! — Kevin Olson

I would like to applaud your excellent use of the PDF format. I am happy to see the use of landscape design with the digital delivery. Keep up the great work. — Derek DeMarco

I don't know how to say something you must have heard a thousand times already, but your PDFs are the light of my design life. The ideas are simply stunning. I come back to my library — I have all issues — time and time again. Not always timeless, but always useful as an inspiration. The day I subscribed to Before & After was one of the best days in my design life! Greetings from sunny Sweden — Anke van Lenteren

I guess you don't need any more testimonials, but I just want to say thanks for a very useful publication. I've been a subscriber for only a couple of months. I'm glad I subscribed. — Paul Howson

Thanks very much for the quality of your designs and instructions. I've had one of your books for quite a while now, and the articles I've read from my new subscription have been a tremendous help in all my layout and design work. I'm looking forward to more. — Kevin Olson

My deepest thanks for helping me to constantly analyze design and put communication before decoration. Each new article contains another relevant idea, an "aha" moment. — Sue Bins

I thoroughly enjoy the articles from Before & After. They help me explain to my clients why things work better done a certain way. Most people like to get an education in addition to design work. Keep up the great work. — Marie Marfia

Everything about your design, Web site, magazines and pdfs are absolutely superb! You are light-years beyond any designer I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. — Zola Dochterman

Just got to take a look at that flyer design you guys sent. Really good idea, especially for non-profit work. — Barbara Boccio

I adore Before & After. The more I know, the more I like! "True genius is making the complex simple." (Seth Godin already said that, the copycat!) — Peter Brock

I love your magazine and your PDFs; they all ROCK! — Jeff Bope, Jr.

As a new subscriber, I very much enjoyed the recent article, "How to look real." I love your efforts. — Karl Arndt

Okay, you got me. I'm starting to like these online articles now. (I had previously told you that I was uncomfortable with the feeling that Before & After seems to be converting to electronic format, and that I much prefer to sit down with the print version — away from my computer that I'm at all day long). These little PDFs are quick to read so as not to be overwhelming, and more frequent than the print version but with the same great info. "Check Plus"! — Shelly Ryder

Your publication is simply magnificent! — Sharon Holland

I'm a new subscriber and just love your articles. — Chris Boulton

I love the ideas you come up with and have patterned many of my daily designs after yours. Thank you! — Liz Kranz

I recently purchased your new book about business graphics. It's wonderful in every way. So packed with great examples, so encouraging and upbeat, so beautifully designed. I'm going to buy a copy for a friend. — Katie Kazan

I was spammed [not literally] — and for the first time in my career I have to say that I am glad I was! I looked through your engaging e-mail and link to discover a really helpful resource for graphic design. I subscribed for 6 issues. I have been a graphic designer for 14 years, but I always love to learn new tricks. Thank you so much for making the learning process easy with these fantastic PDF files! They are well designed, easy to open, easy to read, and definitely an item to keep in my library. I am truly impressed! — Amy Mraze

YOU GUYS ROCK! Numerous times your publication and Web site have been the flint that creates the sparks of creativity within my agency — and sometimes we've created forest fires. — Nadine Allen

Keep up the phenomenal work! Before & After magazine is the best discovery I have ever made surfing the Web. — Jamie Howard

Touche! Distinctively Oriental is one of your best ones yet! — Joan Auclair

Before & After has been the best resource I've used. Your books and articles contain the best "use-right-now" tips and techniques that really make me think about WHY as well as the WHAT. And the presentation starts ideas flowing after the first few words and images. Thank you so much. — Delores Desousa

Just want to thank you for putting together such a teaching tool. I have been receiving your magazine for a long time, and I always look forward to it. I do miss the little picture (back page of mag) of John on his motorcycle with the little stories. :-) Again thank you. I definitely appreciate your efforts! — Jane Reeder

Your magazine has made me an infinitely better designer. I went from creating B+ quality work to A quality work. Clients just come to me now; no more hunting. — Rob Pitt

These PDFs are great! I'm learning so much from your magazines and articles. I also recently purchased your book, "Before & After Graphics for Business." Great stuff — keep up the great work! — Chris Kramer

Wonderful article! Thank you! I love your stuff and look forward to these e-mails and every issue. — Kelli Nilson

Your magazine has taught me more about graphic design in the last 12 years than any other source or educational institution I have accessed. I think you, John McWade, are a genius. I am even more convinced of this now. Your magazine is better than ever, continuing to address both print and web communication and design issues with which I am constantly struggling. You have a great talent for identifying problems, synthesizing and simplifying solutions and getting to the crux of a design challenge. Thank you so much. — Bette Sadoway

I love your magazine and all the great advice you give and no commercials!! And I purchased both of your books and am looking forward to reading them — Sheri Hulan

Love your magazine! I've subscribed since day one and can't imagine life without it! Thanks so much for informative, brief, feature-rich articles. You are awesome! — Jeff Rader

Fantastic — as usual. I prize your publications and new e-format! — Joyce Espinoza

Thank you for putting out such a thoughtful and insightful magazine about graphics. I am the least artistic person I know but really appreciate great graphic design. When I find a technique that I can incorporate in my graphics output, I am thrilled by it. Last week I received your most recent issue and found two techniques I could apply to a new price list I had to produce. From Titles that stick, I learned to pick colors from within the pictures to tie the picture to the text. From Swipe it I learned to swipe and feather. I attached the price list for your perusal. It could be even better, but it's definitely not bad for less than 30 minutes' work. Thanks for the great techniques, and keep up the good work. I look forward to more great articles from you — William Gardiner

I am a subscriber and love your magazine (and books). I've been doing graphic design for many years, but there's always some new viewpoint or fresh summary of a design concept that Before & After always manages to bring home. — Ronald Kalstein

I love your concise explanations of design. You seem like a friend, and I sure have learned a lot from your pages. — King Collins

Just received issue 39 and I want to compliment you on the steady improvement I have seen in Before & After over the years. I started getting it when it was in the tabloid format. Keep up the good work! — Julian Richter

This is the best e-mail I receive! — Tom Johnson

I just used your PDF feature. I recently worked with clients to redesign their logo and create a style guide to make sure the logo's integrity was maintained. Part of my job was to educate the clients on WHY a style guide is necessary. Your article on UPS was perfect to share with my clients; the article reinforced everything I told them. Thank you. — Nora V. Harrison

Really enjoy your work, the book, the magazine and now the PDFs! — James Bernard

I really like those PDF files. They are easy to look at and focus on each topic. Great idea. Keep 'em coming! --Lori Starr

I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the PDF version of Before & After magazine. I know this format will be a huge timesaver for me, as I keep all my back issues and refer to them often. Now, I'll be able to look up articles quickly and easily without having to sift through my archive box. — Cheryl Prichard

I love the download about colour and look forward to reading about typography-- Olwen Bruce

I love this . . . your magazine and PDF updates rock!!! Keep up the GREAT work! — Adrian Delsi

Thanks so much. In PDF format, Before & After is all the time on my desk. — João Rodrigues

Your recent article on designing for borders is simply awesome. I am always excited to get your stuff in my inbox and add it to my bag of tricks, but this one takes the cake! I work for a nonprofit — we're always on a shoestring. This is a common problem for me. Nobody offers better design advice (and the whys) than you guys do. Thank you thank you thank you! I'm stealing your thunder. People in my office keep thinking I've got talent, but I'm really just borrowing your genius. — Kathy Grunditz

Thanks for the great work — the best value in design education in the world. — Brian Lynch

Thanks a million for all the great ideas! — Alan Godwin

Just a quick note to congratulate you for those PDF tutorials. Very efficient, and in these times of sustainable development, you are saving a couple of trees. Thanks a million. I wish everything could always be made so simple. — Christophe Viseux

Have loved your work for years and it just keeps getting better. — Fred Kirby

I have subscribed since the 90's and have every issue (well, one was salvaged from the trash compactor when you changed formats — wife thought it was a promotional flyer, but I kept it, coffee-ground stains and all)! — George Campbell

We received your newest magazine and read it all the way through. I don't understand all the computer stuff, but it's still interesting. — Sherri Rannells

I absolutely love your articles. — Eric Boehm

Of all the design magazines I take, yours is the one I read cover to cover and then go back and re-read later. Your advice is timeless, and you present it in such a logical, thorough and insightful manner that the articles really stay with you. I just wish Before & After magazine (and books) came out more frequently! I'd buy them all. PS: I just bought your book. I love it! Keep writing more! — Amy Stewart

Thanks for the great articles. — Ronald Bozeman

Your PDF articles are fantastic. Not only are the lessons rooted in classic design theory and execution, but your use of electronic publishing is indicative of our ever-changing field and very considerate towards your subscribers. — Peter Miserendino

I love Before and After. I have read many magazines and books but would have to say that your publication provides the most beneficial information, real tips and expertise that we can all use in thinking about layout and design. For that I am extremely grateful, and I have already used a number of your layout concepts in my Web design work, which have produced stunning Web page results. — David Egerton

The PDFs are spectacular — beautiful colors, terrific design and so stimulating. The other day my grandson asked what I wanted to be when I "grow up." Now I have an answer. I'd like to be able to design like Before & After. Keep the inspiration coming. We NEED and appreciate it. — Gail Giberson

I love the magazine and Web site! I use examples from both when I teach, and students can really relate to the examples and ideas provided. Keep up the great work! — Bob Caudillo

Your information is fantastic! I'm glad I subscribed. — Donald Kenny

I REALLY like the print version and have kept all the back issues, going way back into the 1990s, as a valuable reference. Thanks for all the creativity, professionalism, education and inspiration through the years. — Michael Lay

I've been putting ink on paper since 1977 and as such enjoy the entire tactile experience of the printed piece, including paper feel and smell of the ink. PDFs aren't quite the same, y'know? Thanks for putting out an excellent product. Always nicely done. — Nancy Kashergen Rennie

I love your Web site with the PDFs and the new design in general. I devour everything you put out. Thanks for your relentless excellence — Catherine DeNardo

I advise a junior high yearbook/literary magazine/graphic design staff of 27 14- and 15-year-olds for 50 minutes each day, and when we’re not dealing with the book or magazine, the kids complete units that are based on the magazine articles that you’ve published. Selling anything to teenagers can be such a challenge, but the kids have always responded so positively — and they mistakenly think I’m a genius when I introduce each unit. I’m sure you get a zillion of these letters, but I thought it was important to let you know. Thank you. — Keith Myette

I was skeptical that I would enjoy reviewing your articles by PDF. Now I want to know how to make PDF files like that for my clients! I should have known that Before & After would blow away my preconceptions. Thanks! — Christine Gardner

Every time I read your stuff, I am amazed, instructed and inspired. I use your ideas and expand on them regularly. The PDF format is wonderful, and I don't know which I prefer more — I enjoy reading the paper magazine in a quiet corner, but on-screen is convenient. — Terry Grillo

You guys are awesome! I absolutely love your stuff. Thank you. — Andy Melchers

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new PDF format . . . well done!!! — Trish Anderson

Before & After is my all-time favorite design magazine. I learn something from every edition, and I'm definitely going to buy the book. I can't wait for the other one to come out later this year! — Kelli Nilson

You guys are saints for producing this stuff over the years. I still have every issue of Before & After that you've published so far, and I've built my design and pre-press career on your tutorials! I owe ya big time! — Joel Scott

I have every issue in a binder. I share with new people I meet in the industry. I loaned the binder to my cousin in college, and it really helped her. Keep up the good work! — Ken Farver

I think you guys are great. Your magazine gets my creative juices flowing. — Kristin Goodman

I enjoy your magazine very much. I have a fine arts degree but discovered years ago that to make a living, I had draw for and design publications. It was assumed because of my background that I could do this. I had never taken a graphic arts class in school. I tried learning from looking at every publication I could find. But then I saw your magazine for the first time, and I thought, I've finally found some good help. In it you offer practical solutions that are unlike so many other publications. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. — Deborah Mercy

Hey, very nice! — Joan Auclair

Hi, what a fantastic idea! Just to let you know this is the best news I have had this week! I think your articles are just great, and it helps a whole bunch. Keep it up! — Sharon Gooden

This looks great! — Mike Ferris

I am so excited about the new PDF format — especially as a freebee plus for print subscribers. This allows me to have a copy at home and one at work!! I can give my volunteer projects the same "Before & After" treatment that my on-the-clock projects get! Thank you!!! — Merle R. Levy

I LOVE the new pdf idea. HOW DID YOU DO THAT???? — Karen Soberanis

I just wanted to share with you how much I enjoy reading your magazine. The company I work for has a subscription, and we all fight about who gets to read it first when it comes in. It's a great mag with a great message, and it helps to continue my never-ceasing education in the area of design. — Andy Didyk

I am a huge fan of Before & After magazine. I had no formal training at design school and almost gave up this wonderful career because I thought I wasn’t talented enough!!! That was before Before & After dropped into my lap like manna from heaven. A few issues were enough to change my view of graphic design and myself forever. It got me out from the "fishing in the dark" stage of graphic design to being a very confident problem solver. It actually made me think about what I was doing and question each decision. I suddenly morphed from a wannabe to a "hmmmm, that’s interesting" stage. I quite literally owe my career to you guys. — Rohan deSouza

Before and After made an enormous improvement in my graphic design skills. I recommend it to everyone, from the beginning do-it-yourselfer to the experienced designer. Thank you again for this fabulous magazine. — Suuzen Ty Anderson, Esq.

What you do . . . and the manner in which you do it . . . in a field in which people just create crazy, non-thought-out messes . . . you guys are awesome! — Terrence Moline

I couldn't wait to let you know I just received my sample issue of Before and After magazine. All I can say is, "WOW!" I wish I had found your magazine five years ago. I can't wait for my husband to get home with the checkbook so I can get my subscription going and not miss an issue. Keep up the great work! The ideas and layout tips are awesome! — Stephanie Hyder

Thank you so much. Before & After is valuable to me since I am in such a small office. It’s like having a design team to consult with. I think your magazine is awesome.

This is the very best thing I have seen in my life.

I love your magazine! I get more out of your few pages than a big magazine with lots of ads.

I’ve never seen a publication that was more graphically inviting and exciting. One is literally compelled to look through it. Keep up the incredible work.

Congratulations! You’ve put me inside the mind of experienced design professionals: What a great way to teach and learn! Best wishes!

Your latest issue [Vol. 5, No. 6] is the most amazing piece of work I’ve ever seen.

I love your magazine; it just keeps getting cooler and cooler.

You folks put out an incredible publication! — the smallest yet most informative and useful design mag I receive (which is six at last count). You give reasons why to do certain design methods, which makes you a very creditable resource. Thank you for producing such a great publication.

Before & After delivers big on help and technique that most magazines seem to ignore.

I look forward to each issue because of all the wonderful ideas and projects you present.

Your magazine has always instructed, surprised and delighted me; but, more important than that, it has inspired me. While I learn so much from the detailed descriptions and design breakdowns, the real value of Before & After is that it gets me excited about design. This gets me to try new things, see things differently and do the best I can. I can’t wait for the next issue!”

Brilliant! Congratulations.

Before & After is the best investment I ever made. I am in business for myself now and refer to your publication daily.

This last issue was terrific! It had something that I’ve never had from any other magazine, manual or text: There was something useful on every single page.

I am a big fan of yours and really enjoy Before & After. I encourage my students and colleagues to subscribe to this wonderful champion of design.

It is the most important publication to me; I read them all from cover to cover.

I wait in anticipation for your magazine to arrive so I can pore over it and digest all the great morsels of design wizardry, then amaze my boss with “my” creativity!

You’re phenomenal. There’s no one like you anywhere. Page after page, every bit of the magazine is ultra-fresh and just overflowing with great ideas. I’m left simply amazed . . . and highly impressed.

I devoured every word.

I’ve done the once-over and I’m astounded. I didn’t think B&A could get any better than it’s been, but I was wrong. It is clearly a unique new form of instructional communication that I will recommend to professionals and amateurs (like me) alike. This will become the new standard for industry periodicals that purport to be instructional and helpful to people in the business.

I received the latest Before & After and I’m very, very impressed. I look forward to future issues!

Thank you! You are a wonderful designer and a first-rate teacher.

Thank you for your wonderful publication! I’ve learned more hands-on, get down and do it techniques from B&A than all the other how-to magazines put together. Keep up the good work!

All the classes I’ve taken haven’t illustrated it as clearly as you have in the new Before & After. Thank you, thank you!

Before & After is the best product of its kind, a shining example of the way design teaching ought to be done. I love the way it combines seeing and hearing into the design concept, and the way it puts the “theory” of art into the making of practical design.

Before & After is the best magazine money can buy, period.

I just received my first issue of Before & After in the mail. Top-class work! Keep up the good work! Thanks!

You are like having a mentor who sets the bar that any designer worth his salt wants to jump. Inspiration is difficult to find in the everyday clutter of our profession, but you seem to root out and focus on interesting design points guaranteed to pique even the most jaded designer’s imagination.”

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy this magazine. I read the new issue at one sitting, and it has given me a lot to think about. It was a breath of fresh air. Keep up the good work!

I’ve received the new Before & After and I love it. I have a Master’s of Publication Design from the University of Baltimore and teach computer graphics through the program. I can’t tell you how much Before & After has assisted me with its superb examples. I’m so glad to have your magazine to look forward to!

I love your publication!

You’ve gained a lifetime subscriber. Before & After has saved me a lot of money and has paid for itself repeatedly.

I just received my new issue of Before & After. Congratulations on a job well done!

Congratulations on the spectacularly fine Before & After that arrived yesterday. Really fine. Love the top-of-the-page organization and overall clarity. Beautiful.

I just love it!

Your new issue is a masterpiece! Something to really think your teeth into. Designers are always looking for approaches that help their graphics convey meaning, and this really nails it! Keep up the good work!

Okay, I just spent my entire lunch hour and afternoon break reading every word in this issue. Even though I have some formal training in design, I don’t always feel like I’m qualified to design. I really appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into explaining how things work, and more importantly, why things work. Sometimes I’m happy with my design, and sometimes I don’t even feel like I come close! But now I’ll be able to take this issue and break down my design work, and apply some of these simple truths to it, and possibly come up with a better product. Thanks so much.

Here’s three cheers: Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

Before & After is better than ever!

Keep up the good work. I’ve now moved to Bangladesh and will be showing your magazine to designers there. I’m sure they’ll be impressed.

Your beauty arrived today. Thanks — your magazine has inspired me since your first issue when I was struggling to learn FreeHand. I now manage the department!

Before & After is terrific! Keep up the good work, the sense of humor, and the common sense. Thanks.

What a treat! I have to say that your publication is so creative it takes my breath away. Your publication gives me an insight on a spectrum of technology that is fascinating, creative, and constantly moving.

Let me thank you for the most outstanding and useful publication we’ve ever seen. We have every issue you’ve ever published and treasure them as our idea-generating, rule-making, step-by-step teaching bibles. We love them!

Your magazine saved my career! Thanks a bunch.

I learned graphic design from the trenches, and your magazine is by far and away the very best tool available that I have found.

Please renew my subscription. I need my “cheat sheet” back.

Great magazine! One of the most useful things I receive! Keep up the great work!

I really love your publication. I consider it my design bible. When it comes in, work here stops until it has been devoured from cover to cover.

I don’t know which is better, the copy or the graphics. Both! I truly appreciate your publication.

Top notch!

I inhale each issue when it arrives.

If I could have only one reference book or magazine on how-to, it would be Before & After.

What a fabulous publication! Not knowing what to expect because so many things like this are written over the head of the average user, I was very impressed with the clear and concise style of writing.

Best magazine ever.

Absolutely the best. Your publication is “perfectomundo.”

I’m crazy about Before & After! I’m studying computer in college. Your publication has helped me to see in action what I’m learning. You have taken me the step beyond the classroom and have added depth to my understanding of computer tools, layout and design. Thank you, thank you.

I get so excited when I get your publication in the mail that I can hardly wait to sit down and read it.

Before & After is awesome! Well worth the money.

I think Before & After is great! I teach layout and design class to adults in the evenings and I’m always referring my students to your magazine for ideas and answers. Thanks for all the hard work you put into it.

Before & After is an exciting and inspiring piece of work. What I’ve seen and what I’ve felt and what I’ve learned in the pages of Before & After is scattered from San Luis Obispo to Tuzla, from Carson City to Chicago. I am eager to discover where the two of us are going.

Many’s the time that I’ve managed to command authority as a creative and knowledgeable designer simply because I spent an hour or two the previous night poring over my back issues.

This is my very favorite out of all the publications I receive, and the most useful.

I’ve been a B&A subscriber for several years and have all the issues. It’s about time I write to let you know how much I’ve appreciated your constant presence in my life as a graphic designer. In my opinion, you have the definitive voice on design as it should be: communication.

Yours is the first magazine I’ve gotten on the subject that tells me how to do what I want to do, accurately, succinctly and thoroughly.

Please know that Before & After has given me more design ideas than anything else in my 23 years in the typesetting and design industry.

I have thoroughly enjoyed your magazine for years and found it to be one of the very few designs tools well worth the money.

Clean, fast, cheery, and very easy to read. That would be a standing ovation from a charter subscriber.

Before & After has been my most valuable reference since I first got my hands on a copy. I’ve lost track of the number of people to whom I’ve recommended it and given subscription cards.

Your magazine has been an education in graphic art and design in itself.

I believe Before & After is the most in-depth, no-nonsense design magazine out there.

I love Before & After. I manage an art department, and I am extremely impressed by your skills. I have learned many things from the magazine.

Before & After is more beneficial to my students than a textbook!

Best publication I’ve encountered.

Before & After is great, and I look forward to every issue.

One of the best tools I use in my work.

When our Before & After arrives, the art department goes crazy deciding who gets to look at it first.

So many relevant concepts, even eight years later, in every issue. No small feat!

There are so many design books, newsletters and seminars out there that you can be overwhelmed by it all. Before & After stands above all the rest because it doesn’t try be everything. You know what you want to show, and it is done simply and beautifully.

I applaud you for all the help and practical advice you and your staff have provided.

Rest assured that your magazine and your mission as teachers are definitely a hit with this graphic designer. It’s about time someone decided to teach designers how to design.

As a professional graphic designer, I thoroughly enjoy your publication and am thrilled to receive it. You have more valuable information in one issue than most semester-long courses in design school.

Before & After is an exemplar of fine thinking, writing and design. What clean, focused prose and lucid, visual explanations. Thank you for sharing your passion for the profession in such an honest, attractive, masterful way.

We really think that Before & After is fantastic down here in the land of Oz!


In two words: Great. Thanks.

It is the only publication that I receive at work that I would gladly pay for from my own pocket. And the only one that I stop what I’m doing and read cover to cover as soon as I receive it.

No one can ever call your publication “common.” I’m not a graphic designer by any means, but I do love working with type. I love Before & After! I learn so much, and it gets me excited about possibilities.

You have made my design day! I can’t tell you how excited I was to receive my new Before & After! It’s a tool that I use over and over, and I can hardly wait to be stimulated again by all of your ideas! My heart skipped a beat when I saw all new cool stuff in this month’s issue.

There is nothing like curling up with Before & After.

Your publication is exactly what it claims to be and by far the most useful of its kind that I’ve come across.

Thank you for the informative, educational, visually attractive and just plain fun reading in the form of Before & After.

I subscribed to Before & After after being sold by reading all my friends’ back issues. Before & After is the first magazine that I cannot throw into the trash after reading. My Before & After issues are mine forever!

Although I still have so much to learn, I want to thank you for bringing me so far.

You are such a shining example of the wonders that can be accomplished with a little imagination and the right tools, that I mention your magazine in all my classes. Please continue to inspire us all.

I enjoy Before & After immensely and have been able to apply ideas and instructive “how to” segments many times, all thanks to your fine publication. One other neat aspect is that I don’t have to wade through pages and pages of advertising to get to the articles, saving time as well as space on the old bookcase shelves. I only wish you’d been around longer. Thanks.

I was so incredibly impressed by your magazine. My desire is to give the kids’ writing the best possible forum on an incredibly limited budget. You are super!

Before & After definitely lives up to every bit of hype it received. I have found the articles well written and easy to understand, especially for the design novice. I worked through each example with relish and was ecstatic as the final product took shape before my eyes. I’m one of those individuals for whom graphic design is not my primary occupation, yet I manage to integrate fundamental design techniques into my work.

Fun magazine! Good stuff! Cool!

Most useful publication I’ve ever found for desktop publishing. Thanks.

I received my first issue and read it again and again. Inside my head I shrieked with joy, “I am not alone or a lone resident in design’s left field.” This is great! In case of fire, I would save my dogs, my Mac and my Before & After issues. Keep up the good work!

I love Before & After. I wish my graphics classes in art school had been as concise, practical, and well explained as your publication.

Not very many publications have the confidence to send an issue before sending the bill. And you have every right to be that confident!

Fantastic magazine! Every page is packed with goodies. Keep it up!

Please change my mailing label from my work to my home. My boss gets a hold of the magazine and hogs all the computers in our office trying to make cool stuff, and nobody can get anything done.

Before & After is useful, concise, no fluff and worth it!

Before & After is the best thing I’ve found since my computer!

Okay, I confess. I was skeptical. But after my first few issues I find myself wondering, where have you been all my desktop publishing life?

I now receive Before & After at work and find it to be excellent. Keep those insights coming.

I’ve been referring to Before & After since it’s been around and have always managed to get out of design jams by flipping through issues or remembering articles that solved the problems even before I’d come across them. Thank you so much for your foresight!

Thank you for allowing me to learn and expand my knowledge through you.

Your articles are inspirational to me.

Oh joy, oh rapture, a galoptious lot of Before & Afters! I gave myself a birthday present this year by back-ordering my missing issues! Thank you for offering them!

Before & After was and is by far the most informative, best designed, most significant graphic design publication I have ever seen (and I have seen them all).

I love your magazine and always look forward to every issue. It provides the “design lessons” I need after spending twenty years as a traditional typesetter and finding myself in the desktop publishing world.

Before & After is used as a reference book when I’m doing my job. I have all the back issues in my personal library. Wish you all the best.

Before & After is a splendid magazine and the only one I read every word in. Keep up the good work.

Truth is always vital in designing, and you are a reliable source. Thank you.

Thank you for such an informative, user-friendly publication!

Thanks for publishing a magazine so useful, practical and fun. I used some ideas from you and some of my own on my new flyer.

There is no praise warm enough or generous enough to do justice to your extraordinary publication. Even though I command almost none of the techniques you discuss, I read every page with fascination. You have topped yourself with your brilliant “Report from West Indies.” [Vol. 5, No. 2] This profound little essay deserves wide circulation: these are words that can and should change the way we perceive our work. Thank you.

To say that Before & After is the best publication of its kind is really inadequate; the truth is that it has no competition. I’ve gotten useful tricks out of every single issue.

We are very impressed with the quality of your “professional newsletter” and commend your openness in sharing your knowledge through this publication. Thank you for your time; we look forward to future issues.

I am thrilled to discover your publication. The step-by-step instructions on how to design are great!

The graphics and layout are excellent, but in the step-by-step commentary there is an enthusiasm that is instantly evident. More important, it doesn’t feel like a lecture or down talking to those of us who have no talent.

I am moved by the generosity of your vision. I loved your statement, “The best-read, best-looking, most efficiently produced publications come from the editors, designers and businesspeople in real companies whose skills and success are graded in the marketplace rather than the classroom.” There is hope for me yet!

Your publication is an inspiration. The articles are interesting, informative and well written — certainly a worthy combination!

Before & After is concise, information packed, and a joy to read again and again; an outstanding publication and, joy of joys, no advertising to clutter things up!

I say honestly that I seldom have felt better in writing a check for a publication. I have recommended Before & After to several other folks who would like it as much as I do.

Your work has made a big difference at least in this person’s career. As soon as I get my hands on a new copy of Illustrator, I’m going to start over with issue one and make my way again. And be assured that I’ll keep checking your Web site for the latest from a master.

You must promise me that you’ll not tell anyone else in Phoenix about your return. Everyone who sees my (cribbed) work thinks I’m the genius.

Thanks for the great magazine! Keep up the great work, because now I’m a subscriber!

You have set a new standard for what this market can expect. Partly because you’ve assumed an intelligence and ability on the part of your reader, whereas most of the literature is as bland as the stuff they assume we produce. It looks for all the world like a winner!

In a word, excellent!

Before & After is a big help for us interested amateurs who can’t afford to hire graphic artists and who want to learn how to do it right themselves. I’ve found it to be the most helpful reference I’ve purchased.

I now receive Before & After at work and find it to be excellent. Keep the good suggestions and insight coming.

Your clear graphics of the changes made, and inclusion of explanations of terminology are extremely helpful. Your publication will help create projects that are more readable and typographically pleasing.

What a terrific, practical, informative magazine. Keep up the great work!

Of all the magazines I’ve subscribed to in my day, yours leads the league. Congratulations!

Before & After is an incredible product, an amazing publication, an awesome resource (in the true sense of that word)! Thank you for your honesty AND for the life you breathe into the digital arts . . . balance, reason and design technique.

I’m thrilled that you’re back with this terrific magazine. I’m not a school-trained graphics designer nor artist. Your magazine was my best source of instruction and inspiration!

There just isn’t anything else like Before & After being published, and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Everything is laid out beautifully, and there is a great combination of art and instruction.

Before & After was never merely about design. It was about a particular, rare species of design. It was about perfect design: obsessively precise, impeccable, accessible, elegant, intelligent. It was an incarnation of the ideal, and an exuberant repudiation of the sloth and disorder that was (and continues to be) current visual fashion. I grew up around the New York advertising world in an era when compulsive, fastidious, highly refined design was honored. Your first 30 issues cast me back to that wonderful era, and I was blissful.

I can only imagine the hours and hours that go into this.

I am so glad you’ve decided to continue what I consider to be the best design advice in the business.

You’re back! You’re back! It’s like getting a letter from a old lover. I have missed you.

From your first issue, you have been the prima motivation and instruction I needed as a beginning designer. You taught me to visualize, to create, to excite on the page. I carefully archived and reviewed every issue and returned to them time and again. I called a couple of years ago after they stopped arriving to express how much your work meant to me and how much it would be missed. I felt like I had lost a friend — a comrade in arms who never ceased to challenge me to do my work better and open my eyes to new vision. Your gift for presenting concepts in simple terms never failed to enlighten and motivate me, and I am grateful to have you at my side again.

I VERY MUCH enjoy your magazine and have kept every one of my back issues and refer to them often.

A Before & After on my desk is better than no Before & After on my desk.

Oooooh! I’m so excited!!

I feel like I’m the subscriber you envisioned when you created Before & After. I’m a freelance writer who stumbled into desktop publishing when I was asked to do a newsletter. I could write and make things look tidy and sterile, but I wanted to look pizzazzy without going through a lot of schooling. No philosophical blather about the implications of this or that, just usable, cool stuff. Good work!

Your magazine is a great resource. The information and creative ideas Before & After provides are helpful to anyone at any level.

This magazine is so different and helpful.

You have made my design day! I can’t tell you how excited I was to receive my latest issue! Before & After is a tool that I use over and over, and I can hardly wait to be stimulated again by all of your ideas!! My heart skipped a beat when I saw all the new cool stuff!

The magazine looks great — very helpful.

Lots of ideas I can use. Keep up the fine work.

Wow! We are totally blown away by Before & After. It’s pretty difficult to live up to a subtitle like how to design cool stuff, but you’ve done it in spades. The pages are just full of good ideas, and the writing is so refreshing — clear, lively, witty, without ever grating. It’s a delight both to look through and read.

Please accept my thanks for the best bang for the buck.


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Chris Woodman sent us the coolest fan letter ever! It’s a video! Especially nice is that it’s a great intro to Before & After. Chris, we’re flattered, thank you. Runtime 10:07 | Watch | YouTube